Looking For Dental Implants in Newcastle?

When your desire is to replace missing teeth, dental implants are one the gold standard options to consider. Current designs offered at The Good Dentist allow you to replace a single tooth or multiple missing teeth using MIS’s SEVEN Internal Hexagon Implant.  This choice of implant provides incredible stability and aesthetics and ticks all the boxes when it comes to delivering the quality in a restoration that those who choose to visit us desire.

Dental Implants Newcastle - Replace Single Missing Tooth

Replacing A Single Tooth

When it comes to replacing single tooth an implant may be a more effective option than traditional bridgework. A standard bridge requires cutting and prepping the neighbouring teeth and   should the neighbouring teeth be healthy this can be destructive and shorten the lifespan of the teeth when not needed. The implant preserves bone and gum tissue and in many cases results in a more balanced dentition.

Replacing Multiple Teeth With A Fixed Bridge

If a few adjacent teeth are missing or badly damaged, multiple dental implants can be placed to support an implant supported bridge.  The beauty of this option is that it avoids the inconvenience of a partial denture, having the capacity to improve the quality of life.  All while keeping existing teeth healthy.

Dental Implants Newcastle - Replacing Teeth With A Fixed Bridge



    * We will respond to all enquiries within 24-48 hours.

    Cost of Dental Implants

    Cost can vary from case to case, but a ballpark figure of $4,499 can be expected.  Should there be added complexities we may require referral to an oral surgeon for placement and any bone grafting procedures or sinus lifts.

    The Dental Implant Process

    Step 1
    Book an implant consult (30mins). Here we will carry out a scan of your mouth and plan for a 3D X-ray to be taken at a local imaging centre here in Newcastle.

    Step 2
    Book a review appointment (30mins)
    to determine suitability and confirm acceptance of treatment. At this stage we will inform the MIS lab to start manufacturing the MGuide System for your single implant or implant bridge. A deposit will be taken at this appointment.

    Why use the MGuide System?

    At The Good Dentist we love being able to provide the latest digital tech.  The MGuide System allows us to provide more precise surgical procedures and as a consequence more predictable aesthetic results.  In essence the MGuide combines the surgery and the art of dentistry in one.

    **The use of this system is at no added cost to the patient**

    Step 3
    Implant Surgery (60-120 mins). This can vary on case to case given the treatment outlined in the treatment plan.

    Step 4
    Restoration of the Implant(s). This is usually planned for 3-6months after the initial placement.  The delay allows the implant to integrate to the surrounding bone and for the soft tissue to heal.

    Step 5
    Continuing Dental Care.
    Our mission is to serve.  On completion of the treatment it is advised to care for the dental implant as you would your other teeth.  We strongly suggest regular check-up appointments and oral hygiene reviews with out Oral Health Therapist Emma.

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