Dr Garreth McBride
Dental Practice Owner & Dentist

Dr Garreth McBride Dentist Newcastle NSW

Welcome to The Good Dentist! I’m Garreth McBride the dentist and the owner of The Good Dentist in Newcastle NSW.

I’ve wanted to become a dentist since the age of 11.  All because it was my dream to kiss as many dental nurses as possible by the age of 13.  If you ask my wife she will tell you I failed.  It must have been the accent!!

Born in Ireland, I moved to Manchester, England to go to University where I graduated in 2007.

I worked in a variety of public and mixed private practices in the UK before I realised another dream.  In 2012 my wife and I took a chance and emigrated to Australia, directly to Newcastle.  We haven’t looked back.

I am not your average dentist, and The Good Dentist is not your average dental practice. I believe that everything is connected, and that’s why at The Good Dentist we focus on optimising your overall health not just your dental health.

We won’t just treat your symptoms and give you pain medication for a toothache.  We won’t fill a hole without first working out how it got there.  Together, we work to eliminate the cause of your health issue.

We want to work with you, to create the healthiest version of you.

Dr Michael Reilly

Dr Michael Reilly Dentist Newcastle NSW

Hi, I’m Dr Michael Reilly, you can call me Mike.

My wife Katie and I came to Australia five years ago on a campervan holiday stretching across the length of the east coast, we fell in love with the lifestyle and soon booked our tickets back out (one way!)

I’m originally from Birmingham, England. Graduated from Sheffield University in 2009, and then moved to London where I spent four years working in general dental practice.

When I was a youngster I dreamed of playing football for my local team-West Brom, I wasn’t very good so Dentistry became an excellent second choice.

I enjoy all aspects of dentistry and love getting to know my patients so I can really tailor a treatment plan which will suit the person in my chair and not just the mouth in my mirror.

On a weekend you can find me wearing the black and white stripes of Cooks Hill United FC, or wondering the local newcastle parks with my new baby daughter. I look forward to meeting you and your families on Darby street soon

Emma Collins
Oral Hygiene Therapist

Oral Health Therapist Newcastle NSW

I’m Emma Collins the Oral Health Therapist or as Garreth calls me Gum Queen! I’m Newcastle born and breed and I am the only clinician here with the Aussie accent.

I started my dental career as a dental assistant in 2014 and fell in love with it so much that I decided to further my skills and study Oral Health Therapy. I graduated from The University of Newcastle in 2018 as top of my class and with the University Medal so I’m a bit of a dental nerd!

My role is similar to a dental hygienist and my main focus is preventing dental problems like gum disease and tooth decay. I’ll give you the best dental clean of your life and recommend ways you can improve your oral hygiene. Being an oral health therapist also means that I can do some fillings and take out baby teeth as well as place stainless steel crowns (pirate or princess teeth) on decayed baby teeth. Like the two boys here, I treat all patients individually and believe that there is a direct link between our oral health and our general health.

Outside wanting to talk about oral health 24/7 I enjoy spending time with family and friends, particularly at the beach. I love crocheting and macramé on the side (such a Nana I know) and will never say no to a good cup of coffee or red wine.

Kacie Dragojlovic
Oral Health Therapist

The Good Dentist Newcastle Team - Kacie

I’m Kacie Dragojlovic, the most recent addition to the team. I am an Oral Health Therapist that graduated from the University of Newcastle.

I was born and raised in southern California, in sunny Los Angeles. I moved to Australia a few years ago and have been settled in Newcastle ever since.

I originally set out for a career in the arts, either working in a museum, owning a gallery, or being a famous photographer. I came as close as acquiring a Bachelor of Art History degree before I decided to change direction.

Although my attraction to the dental field came later in my life compared to others, I am very passionate about helping everyone achieve a happy and heathy smile. Whether it’s just a check-up and clean, a simple filling or anything in between, I’m your gal! I will always look out for your best interest and make it a point to address the root of the problem.

Outside of work you will usually find me buried in a book, at the beach, or both. I also spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen as I love to cook and bake.

Dental Clinic Manager Newcastle NSW

Julie Lewis, Dental Practice Manager

“The work culture at The Good Dentist is positive, driven, fun, safe and energetic.  Since starting here my mind is clearer, my life is easier and I am more motivated.”

Clinic Dental Assistant

Sophie Power, Dental Assistant

“The Good Dentist isn’t just a work place for me it’s a family and a home. We thrive to make people enjoy their time with us and feel comfortable and a part of our team. You are not only patients you are a part of our family!”

The Good Dentist Newcastle Team - Jess

Jess Buchanan, Dental Assistant

“Working at The Good Dentist has made me gain a new family, not just with my fellow work colleagues but also the patients. Everyone is always so welcoming and I love knowing anything is possible at The Good Dentist, always chasing our dreams with our energetic and positive vibes.”

The Good Dentist Newcastle Team - Melissa

Melissa Pantalone, Dental Assistant

“When you come to The Good Dentist it’s more then just a dentist appointment, it’s an experience. The Good Dentist family go out of their way to give top quality service from the moment you walk in the front door, with the aim of providing the best dental care possible”

Dental Clinic Receptionist

Jo Van Tiel, Reception

“Being part of such an innovative, calming, and welcoming environment at The Good Dentist is rewarding in itself and to then also be able to assist in providing patients with the type of care any individual would expect for their own family is extremely fulfilling.”

The Good Dentist Newcastle Team - Danielle

Danielle Baker, Reception

“I love being a part of such a warm and welcoming team! As a part of the good dentist team I feel like I’ve become a part of a family. We provide patients with a calming and approachable practice where they can feel truly cared for.”



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