White fillings are matched to your teeth colour and hide cavities. The Good Dentist team are Newcastle experts, call us today.

white fillings

We love white fillings at The Good Dentist because they allow us to repair and fix holes in our patient’s teeth giving aesthetically pleasing results and often hiding the fact that you ever had a cavity in the first place.

White dental fillings are also known as composite fillings and are a mixture of plastic and glass materials used to restore decayed teeth. The new generation composites are a wonderful way to fix holes in teeth and our patients typically can’t tell the difference between the filling and the natural tooth.

In some cases there can be sensitivity after a composite filling has been placed, but in our experience this soon settles.

White composite fillings are now the most common way to restore teeth although amalgam is still used in certain cases were composite is not suitable.

Composites are also used to change the colour of the teeth and allow us to reshape disfigured teeth, and are quite simply our best friend.

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