Alex Klaassens, Dental Assistant

Hi my name is Alex, I have been in dental for 11 years. I have recently moved to Newcastle from Dubbo with my family. If I’m not working at The Good Dentist you will find me with my family at the beach, watching the magic of sunrises and sunsets or finding something adventurous to do.

Quick Q&A With Alex Klaassens

What is the most satisfying part of the job?
Working in a respectful, supportive and fun team environment.

What are the challenges?
Parking on Tuesday mornings, Bin night!

What’s your best tip for oral hygiene?

What toothbrush do you use?
Soft Oral B but if Jason asks, I am using an electric toothbrush

How do you create a calm environment for patients who are nervous?
By asking them what I can do to make their experience comfortable for them.

If you didn’t work in a dental clinic, what would you do?
Holistic Healing

Cat or Dog?

Go to Karaoke song?
Party in the USA – Miley Cyrus

Sweet or Savoury?

Favourite way to relax?

Bucket list item?
Bungee Jump

What makes you smile?
Sunrises and Sunsets with my family.