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Dental crowns are used for both functional and cosmetic reasons. They are an ideal solution for restoring teeth to their original shape, strengthening a weak tooth damaged by decay, correcting chipped or fractured teeth or generally improving a tooth’s cosmetic appearance.

A crown, also known as a cap, is an artificial covering, which is fitted over an existing tooth. At The Good Dentist, our goal is to make your teeth look as natural as possible and we achieve this by matching the crown to the colour and shape of your existing teeth.

In cases where there are multiple teeth missing or teeth requiring dental extraction, a dental bridge may be suggested so that the function of your bite improves and cosmetically your smile is enhanced. There are multiple types of dental bridges or tooth crowns. See our dental bridge information for further information.

Dental Crown Procedure

Our dental crown procedure usually consists of two appointments.

Dental Procedure Appointment 1:

Your tooth preparation is called a crown prep. This appointment takes approximately 60-90 minutes.

  • You will require a local anaesthetic for a dental crown unless your teeth have had the nerve removed in a prior root canal treatment
  • A temporary tooth will be made from a light composite material so that cosmetically no one will know that you are missing part of your tooth. The purpose of the temporary is to also protect the preparation underneath, to hold the spacing between your teeth, and to let the gums settle around the area where your new tooth will be placed
  • It is very important that if this temporary comes off at any stage between your appointments that you contact the clinic immediately to have it replaced

Dental Procedure Appointment 2:

Your second appointment is approximately 30 minutes long.

  • Again, you will require local anaesthetic unless you have had a root canal treatment
  • Your temporary will be removed
  • Your preparation underneath will be cleaned and your new porcelain crown fixed in place
  • You will be able to eat as normal when the anaesthetic has worn off

Follow-up Dental Appointment:

On occasion, we require more than two appointments, especially for larger cases involving multiple teeth caps or a dental bridge.

  • We work with a state-of-the-art ceramics laboratory which is based in Melbourne to produce your personally designed and moulded porcelain creation that is unique to your cosmetics
  • In order to be able to produce such high-end work, we demand perfection. If there is anything that needs to be refined then we will contact you and ask you to return for an additional appointment so that we can provide you with the highest quality result that meets your, the clinicians, and the lab technicians’ expectations.

This is what makes us different from other dental clinics in Newcastle and Australia wide.
This is what brings patients to us from interstate and even internationally.

Unsure whether a Dental Crown is your solution?

The Good Dentist team is often asked about dental crowns, capped teeth, and bridges.

Dental Crown FAQS

Q: Is it painful to have a crown and bridge treatment?
A: Generally, no it should not be painful to have a crown put on your tooth. Sensitivity can occur in which case it is important for you to let your clinician know so that they can give you more anaesthetic. No dental treatment should be painful. At The Good Dentist, we take our time with your appointments so that any dental anxieties or concerns you have are worked through calmly and together.

Q: How long does it take to get a crown?
A: Traditionally two visits over a 3 to 4 week period. As outlined above some treatments require additional visits if you have multiple teeth that require tooth crowns or dental veneers. We will always strive to give you a perfect result and work together to meet all your expectations of your cosmetic dentistry work with The Good Dentist.

Q: Cost of a crown?
A: A crown cost at the good dentist is $2213 per tooth. Some teeth require a core build-up which is an additional fee of $350

Q: How long does a crown last?
A: How long is a piece of string? The ideal is for a crown to last 10-20 years. However, a multitude of Oral Health Care, other underlying health issues, lack of dental visits and check-ups to provide early intervention dentistry for any problems and simple tooth failure can occur and are all risks of any dental crown treatment. All risks will be discussed in your appointment and alternative options such as a dental implant may be suggested if a crown is not recommended and is considered too high risk of failure for your treatment.

Q: Should I whiten my teeth before I get a crown?
A: Teeth Whitening in Newcastle is a very common procedure for any cosmetic case. The aim is to brighten your smile as much as possible prior to starting any dental crown or tooth veneer treatment so that we can colour match your cosmetic dentistry work to your dream smile. We suggest completing your at home whitening two to three weeks prior to any other cosmetic treatment so that your tooth colour has time to settle. See our Teeth Whitening Treatments for further details.

Q: Will I need Root Canal on my tooth after a crown?
A: Root Canal Treatment is common for very sick teeth and for teeth that require a crown. This treatment is ideally done prior to your crown being completed. At The Good Dentist, we will always check the health of your tooth’s nerve as part of your treatment planning process and discuss any concerns with you prior to doing a dental crown. In some cases teeth that are sick still do not present with an infection on their nerve. These teeth can play up and cause trouble at any time in the future in which case we can drill through the dental crown to complete a Root Canal Treatment.

Q: Is it worth getting a tooth crowned?
A: The prognosis of a tooth depends from case to case. Each tooth should be assessed individually with an x-ray and in some cases other special tests are performed to check the health of the tooth. Our dentists are purely here to provide you with clinical options with your overall oral health the focal point.

Q: What is the crown made of?
A: At The Good Dentist the majority of our crowns are various forms of ceramic. The durability of the new forms of ceramic mean that we have phased out metal components. From time to time we have the odd smiler who prefers to rock a gold crown.

Q: What if my tooth is too damaged for a crown do I need a tooth extraction?
A: If your tooth is damaged to the point of no return then we will discuss all tooth replacement options with you such as a dental implant or dental bridge or perhaps a denture. A plan will be made with you that caters to your ideal outcome and then a tooth extraction will be arranged. In some cases, the tooth may be extracted the same day as your dental emergency appointment and in other cases you may be referred to a specialist for further treatment.

Q: Can my tooth be replaced with a dental implant if it is a lost cause and needs extracting?
A: To determine if you are a prime candidate to have a dental implant we will take a CBCT scan (3-D X-ray) to check your bone density and the available bone to accommodate such a treatment. Our clinicians then plan your case combining this CBCT with an additional intra-oral digital scan of your mouth. You will then have a discussion appointment with your clinician allowing you to make an informed decision on your treatment plan for the implant moving forward. Your dental extraction will be timed carefully around your implant appointments and in some cases the entire process may take up to 6-9 months to complete.

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