At The Good Dentist, Newcastle, our patients are our priority. We provide quality, gentle dentistry for an exceptional patient experience.

We know dentist appointments can be unnerving, so we strive to make every visit as gentle and pleasant as possible. We welcome getting to know you and look forward to working together to give you an experience that exceeds your expectations.

Questions are encouraged; we are happy to clarify any concerns and educate you on our procedures and processes. Our aim is to ensure your overall experience is quality dental care that is as enjoyable as possible from the moment we first engage with you on the phone, the moment you walk into our administration area right through to your active and post dental care.

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Arriving At The Good Dentist

The Good Dentist was designed to embrace every individual’s needs. We welcome you to a calming environment with pleasant music and essential oils to help dampen any nerves that may have been caused by a past trauma or experience elsewhere.

We help you feel calm and relaxed in our welcoming Newcastle dental clinic being attentive to your individual needs so that we can provide you with an overall exceptional experience.

Comfort, Communication, And Consent

Communication is a priority at The Good Dentist.

We encourage all our patients to ask questions prior to committing to treatment. Our clinicians pride themselves in being transparent and providing you with all your options and costs prior to deciding together which is the best solution for you as an individual.

Understanding the process of each treatment is very important so that you and your clinician can be ensures you are well informed and you have a mutual understanding of what to expect throughout your treatment.

Treatment will not be started without your informed consent.

If you require further treatment the team will explain exactly what this entails and provide you with a detailed treatment plan outlining appointment times and all associated costs.

Book Online

We know you’re busy and understand the convenience of online booking. You can book, your appointment through our online system, choosing the most suitable time frame for you. We will then call you to triage your appointment and confirm that your booking is best suited to your needs.

Online Bookings

Hours Of Operation

Our hours have been tailored to suit our patient and team needs. We operate during common working hours and offer the occasional late evening.

Review our hours of operation.

The Good Dentist also offers emergency dental for critical situations.

Highest Hygiene Protocols

Dental practices are held to the same level of cleanliness expectations as hospitals and hygiene is of paramount importance at The Good Dentist clinic. This applies not only to the exam and surgery rooms but also to the waiting room, bathroom, and every other area of the clinic.

We follow strict Australian Denal Associated guidelines use medical-grade disinfectants to eliminate dust, debris, and pathogens to prevent cross-contamination and we are COVID-19 compliant with state health regulations.

State Of The Art Technology

The Good Dentist owner and founder Dr. Garreth McBride visioned the practice to always offer state of the art equipment and facilities to all patients. We offer equipment such as an
i-Tero 3D scanner, OPG and CBCT facilities, Lazer machine all along with a multitude of other technology to assist with providing you with the highest of care treatment possible in house.

It is this equipment along with our dedicated team of highly skilled and trained clinicians and support team members that allows us to differentiate from other clinics so that we can provide the most current, quality and effective treatments tailored to your individual needs.

Concluding Your Dental Appointment

It is our duty of care to ensure you to leave with a smile, that we have answered all your questions answered and that you have a thorough understanding of your detailed dental treatment plan, including the appointments going forward, benefits of the diagnosed treatment, risks, and all costs associated.

We encourage your general check-up appointments to be booked well in advance so that we can offer you your most ideal time as these tend to book up to 8 months ahead with our sort after clinicians

If you think of any further questions you have after your initial visit then we encourage you to call the practice and speak with one of our dedicated team members or to send us a text on 0488 850 783.

At The Good Dentist, we guarantee you an exceptional experience, welcome feedback and always strive to exceed your expectations.

Online Bookings


    We will respond to all enquiries within 24-48 hours.