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root canal therapy

At The Good Dentist our mission is to save teeth for patients here in Newcastle. Root canal therapy allows us to save infected or heavily decayed teeth, which would otherwise need tooth extraction. We believe there is nothing better than your own teeth. That is why we place such emphasis on trying to save and restore them.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

During root canal therapy we make a small opening in the tooth and remove the infected and dead nerve tissue. At The Good Dentist Newcastle we only use rotary nickel titanium files on a specialised electronic appliance to give you the best root canal possible. This process allows us to shape the canal(s) to make them suitable for the custom fitted root filling material (called Gutta Percha).

The tooth is then covered with a permanent filling or a dental crown to give maximum strength.

This process commonly requires 2 visits, although more visits may be required depending on each patient’s needs.

In certain circumstances where there may be a complex canal shape or difficulty in accessing the canals due to the age or condition of the tooth, we will refer you to our local specialist. With their report an informed decision can be made on the long term outcome for the tooth or teeth involved.

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