garrethWelcome to The Good Dentist! I’m Garreth McBride, the owner and founder of The Good Dentist in Newcastle NSW.

I have always been one to set myself a challenge, so at 18 I left Ireland to see if I could handle the moaning Pommies of Manchester. I bagged myself a dental degree in 2007 and an English wife into the bargain (she came with the degree!) but I soon realised that NHS dentistry didn’t fulfil my WHY as a dentist. In 2012 we went all-in on the Australian dream, and have proudly called Newcastle home ever since.

Armed with vision and determination, I established The Good Dentist along side my wife Katie in 2017. For me, dentistry is about more than just teeth. It’s about connections. The connection you feel with your own smile, and also with the people that help you maintain it. I chose to be a dentist with the hope of making people feel comfortable and relaxed in an environment that can induce anxiety. The Good Dentist was designed to make you feel at home away from home, surrounded by people who genuinely want to make your experience an enjoyable one. Fundamentally the patients that come to us are ‘The Good’ because without them there would be no ‘Dentist’.

I have an unhealthy obsession with keeping the dentistry that we provide cutting-edge. I constantly challenge the team to improve and refine how we deliver care to the people that choose us, with state-of-the-art tech. I could babble on about my love of doing smile designs, providing porcelain veneers, placing implants, but my real focus is adding value to people’s lives, making a difference, and generating one of the best feelings there is… happiness. Happiness is a by-product of trying to make someone else happy, and that is another aspect of my WHY as a dentist.

It is a privilege to own and operate The Good Dentist, to be surrounded by a first team, and to have the support and trust of our patients.

Outside of the practice, you will see me trying to shake off the ‘Dad Bod’ on my bike whilst trying to stop the Australian sun from turning me into one giant freckle. The struggle is real.

Quick Q&A With Dr. Garreth

What is your favourite dental procedure?
As an experience-driven person, and someone who enjoys surprising people, it’s got to be placing dental implants. Like a lot of things in Dentistry, implants have a bad rep. But using our guided system, integrating all aspects of digital dentistry we can replace missing teeth for you like never before. One of the most gratifying aspects of this procedure is hearing patients’ stories of their quick recovery time, and how the replacement of the tooth has made a huge difference in their lives.

I love learning. The biggest buzz I get from being a dentist is learning from you guys and what you are getting up to in your daily lives. Whether that’s a house reno, an app you’re developing at your software company or a new business startup. Your progress inspires my progress.

What is the most satisfying part of the job?
I thrive from the buzz of a busy day with a team that works so cohesively, like a well-oiled machine, while providing patients with the most amazing care they have ever experienced.

Tips for those nervous about visiting the dentist?
If you have had past experiences which hold you back from making an appointment, I am so sorry to hear this – I urge you to call our admin team who are incredible at talking through your concerns, fears and worries. I promise by the end of your conversation you will already feel more comfortable attending your appointment than you have experienced anywhere else. We are here to look after you, change your experience and work with you every step.

Which piece of technology has revolutionised your job?
The i-Tero Scanner – this is a state-of-the-art piece of equipment that helps us show you your teeth in 3D format. We use this for 99% of our treatments and are always excited to show you your teeth like you have never seen them before. Visualising your issue is key, and this machine has certainly revolutionised how we present treatment plans to our patients.

The i-Tero 5D allows us to communicate your options in a straightforward simplistic manner so that you can make informed choices with your dental health.

If you weren’t a dentist what would you be?
A CEO of a not-for-profit organisation that evolves dentistry in Australia providing Medicare-funded treatment across the board to allow all high and low socioeconomic families to receive fully funded treatment.