JasonYes, it’s another Irishman at the Good Dentist! My journey is not too dissimilar to Garreth’s in that I also left Ireland to study dentistry in England when I was 18. I graduated from the University of Bristol in 2016 with my Bachelor’s Degree and my accent intact.

After a few years working in NHS dentistry, the lure of Aussie weather and better opportunities enticed me to Australia. My first job in this country was at Forbes Dental Surgery and West Wyalong Dental Surgery where I worked between the two practices. I absolutely loved my stint out in the bush and it really let me develop as a dentist and communicator.

Practising dentistry in a calm and gentle way has been the key to creating a less daunting experience at the dentist. Sometimes the dental chair can seem like a living nightmare to a patient and it is always my hope that my nervous patients can leave feeling like they are over their phobia. Thus, communication is essential in establishing what triggers these phobias and how we can work together to achieve our goal – putting a smile back on your face.
I hate losing teeth – I have a passion for root canal therapy and restorative dentistry. I also enjoy the cosmetic side of dentistry including Invisalign for straightening teeth and teeth whitening.

Finally, I have many pursuits outside of dentistry. My girlfriend, Mel, thinks I do too much! You’ll catch me on the golf course at any opportunity and throughout the week I’ll try to get a game of soccer and tennis in as well.

Quick Q&A With Dr. Jason Mallon

What is the biggest challenge of being a dentist?
For me, the biggest challenge is overcoming old fashioned stigma surrounding dentistry. We all grew up having it ingrained in us that the dentist is terrifying – the needle hurts, root canal takes forever and is painful, and fillings look terrible.

Dentistry has advanced so much in the 21st century and I genuinely believe that we as a profession have moved on to providing an experience that is incredibly different to what previous generations grew up with.

What is the most satisfying part of the job?
That last appointment when the final piece of work is finished or cemented and the patient has one final look in the mirror. I love when a journey is started and finished with a patient and they leave the practice with a smile and satisfaction with the outcome.

Your top tip for oral hygiene?
Electric toothbrush. Numerous studies have shown that electric is better than manual – it can get into those nooks and crannies that a manual never can!

AFL… But you’ll never hear me talk about any sport other than soccer (the real football!)

Speedos or Boardies?
You won’t catch me down at Merewether Baths in Speedos. Ever!

Bucket list item?
Safari trip to somewhere like Botswana. We all grew up seeing those animals on TV or at the zoo, but how cool would it be to see them in the wild?

What puts a smile on your dial?
At work – the whole team working well together and patients leaving satisfied and happy with their treatment. Outside of work – spending time with Mel exploring new places, beating my handicap on the golf course and watching my favourite team Manchester United in action (can also become a frown.)