Jo CaboutHi, I’m Jo the Practice Manager here at The Good Dentist. I’ve been in dental for around 9 years now and love being able to help people have confidence in their smile. In my spare time, I love to surf and travel around. I look forward to seeing you at your next visit with us at The Good Dentist.

Quick Q&A With Jo Cabout

What is the most satisfying part of the job?
Seeing the team help and support each other and seeing the positive environment we have created.

What are the challenges?
Finding what systems work best for our practice and team.

What’s your best tip for oral hygiene?
Close your mouth halfway to make those cheeks floppy while brushing!

What toothbrush do you use?
A soft bamboo toothbrush.

How do you create a calm environment for patients who are nervous?
I try to be very approachable and welcoming and offer a calm and relaxed environment so patients can feel that energy.

If you didn’t work in a dental clinic, what would you do?
Travel the world! Again.

Cat or Dog?
I have a sweet spot for both.

Sweet or Savoury?
Used to be sweet and now I am both. Can’t choose.

Go to karaoke song?
It’s Tricky by Run-D.M.C.

Favourite way to relax?

Bucket list item?
Surf uncrowded tropical reefs.

What makes you smile?
When people do good for others with no hesitation.