amy Dentistry is part of my DNA. I have always been drawn to helping others and have a strong sense of community. I enjoy getting to know people, understanding their oral hygiene goals, and promoting an overall healthy lifestyle, so that their smile starts from within.

Orange, NSW, has been my base for over the past decade, where I studied, graduated, and worked as a dentist. I completed my science degree followed by dentistry at Charles Sturt University. Both degrees saw me awarded the Dean’s Award for academic excellence, and the very day my registration was official (2017), I began working.

Life long learning is paramount to me and I’m proud my achievements in dentistry have been recognised. I was on the cover of the Dental Association magazine in 2020 and a guest on a prominent dental podcast in 2021. I’m currently undertaking a postgraduate diploma study in restorative and aesthetic dentistry that is taking my knowledge to the next level.

Continued professional development and specialist mentoring from my last position at Orange Family Dental, enabled me to bring a considerable array of advancements to my practice. My passion is to restore and improve full mouth function with a facially driven approach, addressing the cause of an issue. Banishing antiquated perceptions of dentistry in favour of digital age improvements puts a smile on my face.

I’m thrilled to join Garreth and The Good Dentist team in sunny Newcastle, where my love of the outdoors, including triathlon training and walking my dachshunds, Heinz and Otto, will perfectly complement each other. Having grown up in the coastal town of Taree, NSW, my love of the ocean has always called my name and I knew one day I would return. I’m excited to be part of the exceptional team at The Good Dentist.

Quick Q&A With Dr. Amy

What inspired you to become a dentist?

I was actually petrified of the dentist prior to a fateful bike riding accident that caused a big chip of my front tooth. My local dentist saw me on Xmas eve and restored by front tooth, I couldn’t believe I made it out alive! When I looked back I thought, wow, that’s actually a job I could do. I would work with my hands, create physical outcomes and work with people, I can also geek out on material science – perfect!

How do you create a calm work environment for those who present as nervous?

Trust me, I know what it is to be scared about your dental visit, I used to be terrified myself. I always try to get to know a patient and learn where their anxieties come from. We can address those together and plan a way forward which works for everyone using different behavioural techniques or sometime sedation.

One of my aims is to foster excellent relationships with children to avoid future anxieties around dentistry. It makes my day when kids are genuinely excited for their visit.

What is the most satisfying part of the job?

When we have achieved a patients’ goals after a long treatment plan and I just see their face light up. These results make everyone on the team just cheer inside and out. Some people have trained their lips to hide their teeth but once they are proud of their smile they just BEAM!

What’s your best tip for oral hygiene?

I like to keep it simple… Electric toothbrush with pressure sensor, personally I like the Oral B professional care range. Use this systematically twice per day and DON’T RINSE OUT THE TOOTHPASTE! Let a thin film remain on the teeth to strengthen them.

If you weren’t a dentist what would you be?

Oh geeze I actually don’t know. Maybe a fashion designer, I used to be quite nifty on a sewing machine

What makes you smile?

Arriving home to my two dachshunds Heinz and Otto after a big day! Man those little guys love us and bring us so much joy!