Dr Garreth McBride
Practice Owner & Dentist

garreth mcbride

Welcome to The Good Dentist!

I’m Garreth McBride the dentist and the owner of The Good Dentist.

I’ve wanted to become a dentist since the age of 11.  All because it was my dream to kiss as many dental nurses as possible by the age of 13.  If you ask my wife she will tell you I failed.  It must have been the accent!!

Born in Ireland, I moved to Manchester, England to go to University where I graduated in 2007.

I worked in a variety of public and mixed private practices in the UK before I realised another dream.  In 2012 my wife and I took a chance and emigrated to Australia, directly to Newcastle.  We haven’t looked back.

I am not your average dentist, and The Good Dentist is not your average dental practice. I believe that everything is connected, and that’s why at The Good Dentist we focus on optimising your overall health not just your dental health.

We won’t just treat your symptoms and give you pain medication for a toothache.  We won’t fill a hole without first working out how it got there.  Together, we work to eliminate the cause of your health issue.

We want to work with you, to create the healthiest version of you.

I’m Elizabeth (Liz) Close. I’m a General Dentist and Associate at The Good Dentist.

I am a Queenslander originally but moved a lot growing up, living around QLD, NSW and WA. I did a Science degree at University of Queensland then Dentistry at Sydney University

While a student in Sydney, I joined the Defence Force and spent my first three years after graduation as a Dentist in the Navy. My (now) husband was living in Newcastle so after leaving the Navy in 2010 I moved up here and have no intention of leaving! I have been living in and around Cooks Hill with my husband (and now two young kids) but working in a Private Practice in a regional town so I’m looking forward to serving my local community and walking to work!

I really enjoy being a Dentist, particularly developing great relationships with my patients and working together to make them positive and confident about how oral health fits into their life.



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